International talk Series on Alternative Therapies for Special Needs by Margika in collaboration with NIEPID, Govt of India

This is an Initiative to create awareness on the importance of Alternative Therapies as a component in the care of specially abled Individuals. These therapies have often proven to be a critical factor in pushing the specially abled individyuals beyond their boundaries.
The Sessions are absolutely free and anyone with keen interest in subject, parents/ care givers, Family members of a specially abled individual, Special Educators/ Professionals can join the sessions.

The talk series is a series of 12 one hour sessions on every Wednesday starting from 28 July 2021 at 7PM IST and 9:30AM EST.

Margika: Music Therapy
Margika: Music Therapy

Margika: A guide for Caregivers & Professionals

Margika works towards creating an environment of multipronged care for those with mental and developmental disorders in India. Margika does this by equipping those involved in their care with best practices from around the globe by:

The outcome of such interventions will be to transform the lives of those afflicted from one of simply surviving to leading lives to their full potential & thriving!


Margika: The pathfinder & guide

Margika, as the name suggests, serves as a guide and a pathfinder for caregivers, teachers and the general public, to provide understanding about Mental (Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar etc.,) and Developmental Disorders (Autism, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia etc.,) among children.

Margika: Provide information about mental and developmental disorders and disabilities.

Mental and Developmental Disorders are often confused and misunderstood by the Society at large. A social stigma exists around such disorders which manifest in the form of ignorance, fear and rejection.

Margika: provides a list of hospitals and professionals.

Margika also provides a comprehensive list of hospitals and healthcare professionals across India to reach out for support and treatment, along with cutting edge knowledge and information in the field from the world over.

Margika: Training provider for teachers, parents & other caregivers

Margika works towards creating awareness around overall developmental and behavioural issues in bringing up differently abled children. It addresses these issues by conducting regular seminars, webinars and training organized for the benefit of teachers, parents and other caregivers associated with such children.



COVID 19 Resources

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Fun Activities for kids:
Staying away from friends and extended family can be tough on children so parents should be creative enough to come up with new ideas and activities to keep children entertained...

COVID 19 Disaster management services

Indian Psychiatric Society Tamilnadu Chapter: Free Telephonic Counseling Service

We provide free counseling services for those affected by the Pandemic and curfew situation
From 10 AM till 9 PM
Please refer to the lists in the following information:
From 10 AM to 2 PM
Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number
Tamil, English 9842222207 Tamil 7639399529 English,Tamil 9842158254
Tamil, English, Malayalam, Kannada 6382261290 Tamil English 9962017274 Tamil, English 9047219504
English, Tamil 8940522998 Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi 9566133660 Tamil,English 8754034043
Tamil, English 8300885575 Tamil, English 6383791418 Tamil, English, Hindi 9444437698
Tamil,English 8940147102 Tamil, English 9894544029 English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi 9741856155
English, Tamil 9994020894 Tamil, English 9842126665 Tamil, English 9443128803
Tamil, English 8056156007 Tamil, English 8098937770 Tamil, English 9841017489
Tamil, English, Malayalam 0422-2550787 Tamil, English, Malayalam 0422-2540933 Tamil, English 9443203376
Tamil, English 9047219504 Tamil, English 9962534647 English, Tamil 9842158254
From 2 PM till 6 PM
Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number
Tamil,English 8012522122 English,Tamil,Telugu, Hindi 9894722221 Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, English 7200072364
English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi 9944964102 Tamil 8903282072 Tamil 9842131550
Tamil,Hindi,Telugu, Kannada 9176472232 Tamil, English 8939716003 Tamil,Kannada, English 9003496111
Tamil 9952285540 English and Hindi 9968859566 Tamil,English 9444008424
Tamil,English 9442292344 Tamil, English,Hindi 9443091559 Tamil, English 9840238870
Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English 8300759894
From 6 PM till 9 PM
Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number Languages Mobile number
Tamil, English 9841043308 Tamil , English 9952247088 Tamil, English 9994811101
Tamil 7639399529 Tamil, English 9841043308 English, Hindi, Tamil 9962530388
Tamil, English, Hindi 9884467411 Tamil,English 9445950632 Tamil, English 9443820736
Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English 9840196667 English, Tamil 8940522998 Tamil, English 9486538474
Tamil, English 8940147102 Tamil, English 9894544029 English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi 9741856155
Tamil, English 9842126665 Tamil,English 9841052621 Tamil, English 9884259691
Hindi, Tamil English 9841383251 Tamil, English 9443128803 Tamil 9952285540
English Tamil, Malayalam 9841042506 Tamil, English 8056156007 Tamil 8220449812
Tamil, English 9962534647

Walking them
To the other side
Through trails & puddles,
The persevering Guide
Empowered by Learning
Focusing on strengths,
Paving along New Paths
Weathering life's storms
Holding their hands,
Be the Spirit Guide!
Let us walk along,
Embracing the journey
With special deeds
for special needs!