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If you are visiting this site, maybe someone you care for is facing challenges either in school or in life both academically and emotionally. Mental health is a challenging subject and unfortunately in India even more challenging due to stigmas attached. In India, there is a huge void when it comes to helping and resources for parents and teachers to address emotional and academic challenges of students that are differently abled.

Margika was conceived to address this need of creating awareness, fight the stigma and provide advance knowledge and best practices from the world over, in the field of education and treatment for children who are differently abled. margika will provide training to bring awareness for both children who are differently abled and their caregivers, be it parents or teachers.



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Smooth Assimilation of those afflicted with Developmental and Mental Health Challenges into mainstream society by transforming their lives from simply surviving to truly thriving!



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It is our mission to provide help to the children facing emotional and academic challenges due to being gifted differently. We strive to fulfill this mission by creating awareness, fight stigma, provide resources and build capabilities of Caregivers, Teachers and other Service Providers.